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Spring HVAC Maintenance Checklist for Michigan Homeowners

As we start to thaw out from the frigid Michigan winters, HVAC maintenance may be the last thing on your mind. This year, remember to check in on your heating and cooling appliances as you are doing your spring cleaning. Preparing your home for the warmer months ahead could save you precious time and money! 

Our expert technicians at Reliable Heating & Cooling have all of the spring HVAC maintenance tips you need to keep your home at optimal temperatures year-round. Contact the top choice for Hudsonville’s professional HVAC services at 616-557-7872 to speak with a qualified technician today!

Replace Your Air Filter

The first step on your spring HVAC maintenance checklist should be to replace the air filter in your AC unit. Even if you haven’t used the unit in months, dust and pollutants can gather in the filter and make their way inside your home, lowering the quality of the air you breathe. 

Dirty filters may also impact the airflow of your unit, causing it to work less efficiently and increasing your energy costs. A dirty air filter may even cause damage to your air conditioner, as a lack of airflow can make coils freeze and shut down the entire unit. 

Check for Leaks

Even the best HVAC system cannot function well in an unsealed house. Check the areas around your windows and doors to ensure they are properly sealed, and replace the seals if not. Doing so will help regulate the temperature of your house all summer long. 

Inspect Your Outdoor Unit

After months without using your AC unit, you should be sure that there is nothing blocking its access to clean air. Check for any signs of damage first, and contact a professional if you have any concerns. 

Additionally, ensure there are no branches or obstructions within a few feet of your air conditioner. Giving the unit a clear radius will make sure that air can flow freely into the unit to cool. 

Test Your AC

The last thing you need is a broken AC system during a heatwave. Before the hottest months, test your unit to ensure cool air is flowing freely through your house. If something is wrong, this simple step will give you time to schedule an appointment with a professional to fix any potential issues before the heat arrives! 

If you are not satisfied with how well your AC unit is functioning, it may be time for a replacement. Installing a new AC unit could save you lots on energy bills down the line, especially if you choose a unit that is highly energy-efficient

Consider a Smart Thermostat

If you don’t have a smart thermostat, you may be losing money this summer on your energy bills. Purchasing a thermostat that can adjust itself is a great way to prevent strain on your air conditioner and maintain the perfect indoor temperature.

A smart thermostat will adjust itself as temperatures drop, so your AC unit won’t need to work as hard through the cool nights. This means you won’t have to remember to turn down the air conditioning before going to sleep! 

Enjoy the Spring Air 

Though spring HVAC maintenance may sound like a lot of work, this is also the perfect time to give your HVAC system a rest! Take advantage of the comfortable temperatures and turn off your heating or cooling systems on nice days.

Having your windows open is not only energy-efficient, but it will bring a sense of springtime directly into your home. 

Contact a Professional

Routine maintenance is the best way to keep your HVAC system functioning for years to come. A professional company can tune up your AC unit in time for summer, making sure it is clean, undamaged, and working efficiently. Expert technicians can replace worn parts and help you get the longest life possible out of your air conditioner.

By scheduling regular maintenance on your HVAC system, you can avoid unexpected AC breakdowns or high energy bills in the summertime. A simple maintenance appointment now can save you from stress and overspending down the line.

Our Expert HVAC Services

As the top choice for AC maintenance in Georgetown, MI, our Reliable Heating & Cooling team is here to help you prepare for the summer. Our expert technicians have years of experience and can help you find solutions to meet your exact needs and budget. 

If you want to cut down on your spring HVAC maintenance this year, you only have to write one task on your checklist: contact Reliable Heating & Cooling at 616-557-7872.