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Why Does AC Coil Freeze Up: Five Common Culprits

Air conditioning issues of any kind are frustrating, but knowing why they occur can help you prevent them. For instance, many of our customers ask questions like, “Why does an AC coil freeze up?” It’s an important consideration because frozen air conditioner coils can stop your appliance from working properly or even cause permanent damage.

In this guide, we’ll go over five of the most popular reasons that an air conditioner develops frozen coils and what you can do about it. If you need more information on your HVAC troubles, contact Reliable Heating & Cooling, Georgetown’s reliable AC coil cleaning business.

#1 Clogged and Dirty Air Filters

Air conditioning filters that are full of dust, dirt, and debris will block airflow and freeze up the coils. Although it’s a simple maintenance task, many people forget to clean and change their air conditioner’s filters on a regular basis. But doing so can make a significant difference in how your unit runs.

Your air conditioner coils need good airflow, or the refrigerant in them will get too cold, and if ice accumulates, it will cause further problems. A surprising number of common air conditioning issues emanate from dirty air filters, so why not replace yours as the first step and see if it sorts out the frozen coils?

#2 Refrigerant Leaks

If the culprit for your frozen AC coils is a refrigerant leak, you’ll need to address the problem as soon as possible. Refrigerant absorbs heat in your air conditioner, but more than normal will cause your lines and coils to freeze.

Instead of simply topping off the refrigerant, the technician will need to repair the leak and replace the coils. For safety reasons, this is a problem that you should leave to trusted air conditioning repair technicians like Reliable Heating & Cooling rather than trying to patch it up yourself.

#3 Thermostat Problems

Why does an AC coil freeze up? One potential reason is a problematic thermostat that makes your air conditioner work harder. Thermostats monitor how air conditioners run and help them achieve your programmed temperatures, but faulty connections can freeze coils.

Your thermostat may throw out an incorrect temperature, causing your air conditioning system to struggle when operating. Addressing a broken thermostat as soon as possible is essential, or you’ll have an uncomfortable home that doesn’t reach the temperatures you’ve programmed into the unit. You could also face potential water damage alongside frozen coils. 

#4 Blocked Condensate Lines

Another reason why your AC coil is freezing up is an obstruction in your condensate line. Your air conditioner’s condensate line draws out excess water, which drips into the pan. When it experiences a clog, your condensate pan can overflow, damage your HVAC system, and lead to frozen coils. 

This excess water has nowhere to go, so you’ll need to address the blockages immediately. A professional air conditioning technician can clean your drain lines as well as other areas of your system that might experience clogs. Any blockages that prevent air and water from moving in your air conditioner can harm the system’s performance and lead to costly repairs. 

#5 A Faulty Fan

Broken fans may contribute to frozen air conditioning coils, even if everything else in your appliance is working perfectly. For example, a professional technician might have to clean your unit’s dirty fan blades for better airflow. Replacing a damaged fan motor may also stop the coils from freezing, as it boosts the component’s performance.

Signs Your AC Coil Is Frozen

Frozen AC coils can prevent your home from reaching comfortable temperatures and experiencing relief from the heat. But melting water and electrical components don’t mix well, and you should always call for repairs as soon as possible. 

Some common signs of frozen coils include the following:

  • Water leaking or pooling around the unit
  • Lack of airflow or warm air blowing
  • Visible ice anywhere on your AC
  • The air conditioner is struggling to run

Overall, it doesn’t hurt to contact a trusted professional whenever your air conditioner exhibits strange behavior to prevent problems from getting worse. If you’ve noticed any of the above symptoms, Try the following troubleshooting tips before calling a professional technician.

Addressing Frozen AC Coils: Troubleshooting Tips

  • Turn off your air conditioner before troubleshooting to address potential water damage. 
  • Clean any water leaks to stop water from pooling or doing more harm. 
  • Check your air filter. Replace it if it’s clogged and old. 
  • Try to thaw the frozen coils naturally or run the defrost setting. 
  • Turn the fan on to break up the ice with some airflow. 
  • Use a hair dryer to speed up the melting process, but do so carefully.

Why does an AC coil freeze up, and none of your troubleshooting measures seem to work? Get in touch with Reliable Heating & Cooling for answers from the professionals!

How Preventative Maintenance Can Help You Avoid Frozen Coils

It’s no secret that keeping up with routine HVAC maintenance improves the performance of your system and increases its lifespan. Some reasons for frozen coils stem from a lack of general upkeep, including dirty or clogged filters, blocked drain lines, and faulty thermostats.

A professional technician will resolve refrigerant leaks during maintenance or repair services. But waiting to save a few bucks could cost you more in the long run when your air conditioning problems escalate. So, be sure to call professionals like Reliable Heating & Cooling as soon as you notice a problem. 

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