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HVAC Seasonal Maintenance: The Ultimate Guide

Do you know the best HVAC seasonal maintenance practices to keep your system optimally functioning? Call Reliable Heating & Cooling to schedule pre-season HVAC maintenance.

During the hottest and coldest months, your HVAC system will probably function on high for most of the day. At this point, you may think to call experts for maintenance to ensure your system can make it through the winter or summer. However, mid-season service is not as beneficial for your system.

The most effective HVAC seasonal maintenance occurs before the weather extremes of winter and summer. Executing a seasonal HVAC checklist in the spring or fall offers far more impactful benefits.

Enlist the top-rated HVAC company in Holland, MI, for pre-season maintenance. At Reliable Heating & Cooling, our professionals offer comprehensive services for HVAC maintenance and repairs. Improve your seasonal comfort by calling today. 

Importance of Pre-Season Maintenance

Most homeowners don’t realize the importance of HVAC seasonal maintenance. Ironically, these practices are most effective before the peak hot and cold seasons. Enlisting licensed professionals to optimize your system keeps you comfortable through seasonal temperature extremes.

Optimize Functioning

Most homeowners don’t actually understand how air conditioners work. These systems require occasional calibration, tune-ups, and inspections to avoid disrepair and optimize functioning. System maintenance is particularly important before your heating and cooling works overtime throughout the hottest and coldest months.

Limit Utility Expenses

Increasing the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems can reduce your monthly utility expenses. Thus, getting seasonal maintenance limits your expenses during peak season functioning.

Maintain Safe Operations

Poorly maintained air conditioners and heaters won’t function properly, which could lead to safety issues. Because an HVAC system has mechanical, electrical, and chemical components, seasonal maintenance ensures safe operation.

The Best Times to Service Your Systems

It’s best to service your HVAC system right after a long period of high-level functioning. When professionals optimize your system after winter or summer, they can address issues from seasonal operational pressures. Thus, enlist HVAC technicians from Reliable Heating & Cooling as the seasons change for the most significant benefits.

Comprehensive HVAC Seasonal Maintenance Services

Our seasonal maintenance services provide holistic care and optimization for HVAC systems. Call our professionals to get your system serviced before the hottest and coldest months of the year.

Basic Heating and Cooling System Maintenance

Some basic heating and cooling system maintenance practices include air conditioner cleaning, furnace inspection, vent cleaning, and refrigerant checks. These seemingly insignificant tasks improve energy efficiency and system functionality. Combined with other service offerings, your HVAC unit will be ready to adequately serve you during the winter and summer months.

Thermostat Inspections

Your thermostat is the hive mind of your air conditioning and heating system. As the centralized control for these functions, thermostat settings dictate your indoor comfort.

One of the most underrated HVAC maintenance tips is to get seasonal thermostat inspections. Optimizing your thermostat settings for high-functioning times ensures that your heating and cooling function efficiently when you need them most. 

Change Air Filters

During air conditioning operation, air flowing through your ducts contains bacteria, dust, and grime accumulating in your system. Air filters catch these contaminants, so only clean air flows into your property.

After a few months, your air filters will become dirty and could restrict airflow in your home. Changing your air filters improves airflow, efficiency, and air quality. 

Tighten and Lubricate Moving Parts

HVAC systems contain many moving parts and complex mechanisms. The longer and harder these systems operate, the more likely they’ll require maintenance, lubrication, and tune-ups. 

Our heating and cooling system professionals use the best tools and techniques to tighten and lubricate these moving parts. If you notice inconsistent cycling or strange noises during operation, you may need these services more immediately.

Clearing Supply and Return Vents

Most people don’t realize that air conditioners function by cycling air through their homes rather than creating new air. As such, both supply and return vents supply this air cycle.

Keeping your vents clear of obstructions offers a simple solution for operational issues. Remove any furniture, pet supplies, or other objects that might restrict airflow into or out of your vents. Professionals can clean vent surfaces to ensure dust and grime don’t infringe on airflow.

Test the System Controls

Air conditioners and heaters operate on automated system controls, turning on and off at critical times of the day. Testing these control functions ensures an HVAC system is ready to contend with seasonal temperature extremes. Professionals can run these tests before the hottest and coldest seasons.

Adjust and Clean Blowers

Air conditioner blowers provide power for the airflow into your property. However, when air filters become dirty, dust and grime can accumulate on the blowers, restricting their functioning. Getting experts to adjust and clean your blowers ensures effective air conditioner functioning.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Essentials

Professionals conduct air conditioning maintenance essentials before peak seasonal temperatures to optimize your system. Air conditioning maintenance essentials include:

  • Cleaning and inspecting coils
  • Replacing refrigerant
  • Cleaning and calibrating blowers
  • Replacing air filters
  • Reprogramming the thermostat
  • Tuning up electrical and mechanical components
  • Replacing worn parts
  • Optimizing system controls

Heater Maintenance Essentials

Heaters also require maintenance to remain in top condition for peak season functioning. Heater maintenance essentials include:

  • Checking ignition switches
  • Cleaning and inspecting burners
  • Tightening electrical connections
  • Replacing run-down parts
  • Checking for leaking or cracking
  • Tuning up or replacing the heat exchanger

Get High-Quality HVAC Maintenance from Reliable Heating & Cooling

Did you know the best time to replace HVAC system components is before the hottest and coldest months of the year? Enlisting experts for HVAC seasonal maintenance keeps your system optimally functioning during peak operation.

Reliable Heating & Cooling experts offer the top-rated heating and cooling system care in Holland, MI, and the surrounding areas. Our technicians offer high-level solutions for HVAC system issues and provide top-rated customer service. With financing options suitable for any financial situation, every homeowner can get the care their system needs.

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