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AC Coil Cleaning

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The air conditioning coils are the interface between the refrigerant and the air in your air conditioning system. Without the condenser and evaporator coils, your air conditioner would be unable to extract heat from the rooms of your house and carry it to the outdoor unit. AC coil cleaning is a crucial part of regular AC maintenance and helps you avoid repair bills and AC failures.

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Clean AC Coils

The Importance of Clean AC Coils

Air conditioners rely on airflow not just for circulating air within rooms but also for keeping the parts of the air conditioning system working smoothly.

When your air conditioner operates, the refrigerant passes through coils that maximize heat exchange between the coils and the air around them. If the coils are dirty or covered with debris, air cannot reach them. The heat or cold within the coils can build up until the coils overheat or freeze.

AC coils consist of a metal that conducts heat well, such as copper or aluminum. Every time the coils undergo a rapid temperature change, they expand or contract, increasing the risk of refrigerant leaks and other coil problems.

If the coils do not transfer heat effectively, the air conditioner will work harder to maintain comfortable air temperatures, if even possible. The added workload increases wear on other potentially expensive and indispensable components as the air handler, serpentine belt, and AC compressor.

Skilled AC Coil Cleaning Company

Finding a Skilled AC Coil Cleaning Company Near Me

If your AC coils need a proper cleaning, the first thing to do is find the name and contact information of a reputable air condition maintenance company. They should do more than just check refrigerant levels and clean the housing of the outdoor unit. 

The team at Reliable Heating and Cooling care about protecting your comfort and your indoor quality. That is why our comprehensive maintenance process is about more than just checking boxes on a checklist. We pay attention to how your entire climate control system works.

If we detect anything amiss with your air conditioner, including flaws in the AC coils, we’ll talk with you about how it could impact your AC quality. Reliable Heating and Cooling is not just an excellent AC coil cleaning company. We pride ourselves on our ability to restore confidence, comfort, and enjoyment of life to our neighbors in the Greater Grand Rapids area.

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AC Coil Cleaning Services - Reliable Heating & Cooling
AC Coil Cleaning Services

AC Coil Cleaning Services from Reliable Heating and Cooling

Our HVAC coil cleaning service targets the evaporator and condenser coils with a thorough cleaning process that restores normal air flow, facilitates rapid and efficient heat exchange, and reduces the risk of corrosion. We also inspect the coils and refrigerant lines for leaks and diagnose any problems with the air conditioning system. Our primary concern is to increase your comfort and improve your indoor air quality.

Skilled AC Coil Cleaning Company

Get an Estimate for Coil Cleaning Services from Reliable Heating and Cooling in Georgetown, MI

Don’t put your finances and your family’s health at risk by putting off air conditioning maintenance. At Reliable Heating and Cooling, we repair and maintain central air conditioning systems, HVAC systems, heat pumps, and mini-split systems. We’re the top AC coil cleaning company that residents of Georgetown, Hudsonville, and Grand Rapids, MI, trust with all their AC maintenance needs.

Call us at (616) 649-8079 if you have any questions about your air conditioner or want to schedule a no-obligation inspection of your system. We will send a trained technician to your property for maintenance, service, or repair as needed.