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AC Compressor Replacement

AC Compressor Replacement

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Do you know who to turn to when you need AC compressor replacement? When your AC compressor fails unexpectedly or starts to wear out, you need air conditioning experts with the experience to find you quality AC components and install them promptly and efficiently. 

Our licensed air conditioning company will guide you through important questions such as:

  • Why did my AC compressor fail?
  • Do I need to replace my entire air conditioner?
  • What kind of compressor does my AC system need?
  • What is the estimated cost to replace AC compressors?

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AC Compressor - Reliable Heating & Cooling
Importance of AC Compressor

Why Is Your AC Compressor Important?

The AC compressor is the part of the air conditioner that raises the pressure of the refrigerant in the condenser coils, forcing the refrigerant to turn into a liquid. Increasing the pressure on a gas causes its temperature to go up. The hot refrigerant radiates its heat through the compressor coils into the outside air.

What happens to the air conditioning system when your AC compressor stops working? The refrigerant in your AC would stay cool and no longer radiate heat. The warm refrigerant would circulate without transferring heat, causing your AC vents to uselessly release warm air.

AC Compressor Replacement

Why Might You Need AC Compressor Replacement?

AC compressors have moving parts that wear down over time. If you notice any of the following common signs of a bad AC compressor, call a licensed professional contractor. They can investigate further to determine whether you need AC compressor replacement or repair.

The AC Compressor Not Turning On

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Safety systems could prevent your AC compressor from turning on if it poses a risk. An electrical failure or a fault with the thermostat could cause the AC compressor not to turn on.

The AC Compressor Not Heating the Refrigerant

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If your compressor is on and making noise but your indoor air is not getting any colder, your AC compressor might have lost its ability to apply pressure effectively.

The AC Compressor Showing Visible Signs of Damage

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If your outdoor unit suffered damage due to a falling tree branch, storm, animal infestation, or ice buildup, consult a professional repair technician before turning your air conditioner on. Ask your AC technician to check the refrigerant levels in case a damaged AC compressor is causing the refrigerant to leak.
Reasons Why Your AC Compressor Isn't Working

Alternative Reasons Why Your AC Compressor Might Not Work

Some AC problems cause symptoms that resemble those of AC compressor failure, but do not require AC compressor replacement, including:

  • Refrigerant leaking from the coils or refrigerant lines
  • A worn or damaged serpentine belt
  • Damage to the air conditioning system’s control system
  • Insufficient airflow around the AC coils.

Having an experienced AC technician diagnose the problem prevents you from spending money on a new air conditioner compressor when you don’t need to. Replacing the air conditioning compressor without fixing an underlying issue could cause the new compressor to fail.

Even if the compressor does not cause a particular AC problem, a faulty AC could eventually ruin the AC compressor. Replace worn-out components quickly to extend the life of your AC compressor and other vital parts of the AC system.

AC Compressor - Reliable Heating & Cooling
Cost of Replacement

AC Compressor Replacement Cost

Costs may vary depending on the type of compressor and the capacity of your air conditioner. You can expect to spend between $1,000 and $3,000 on an AC compressor replacement.

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