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When it comes to home cooling, don’t let a faulty AC unit spoil your day. Instead, restore your indoor comfort with fast, efficient air conditioning repair from Reliable Heating & Cooling, LLC. Whether you need help in a home or commercial property, our licensed professionals deliver five-star services on any model HVAC unit, using the latest tools and procedures to do the job right.

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AC Repair Service - Reliable Heating & Cooling
AC Repair Services

Dedicated AC Repair Services

At Reliable Heating & Cooling, we provide more than value and comfort. We believe in offering exceptional quality workmanship at an affordable price to create lifelong customers. 

Our team dedicates itself to your home comfort and strives to bring your property the best air conditioning repair services possible. We communicate with our customers to ensure they know about our services, equipment, and each step of the maintenance process. That way, you can make an informed decision when it comes to deciding on the final transaction. 

We also stay updated with the latest tools in the industry. Every home has a unique layout. Our systems are designed to provide the most effective approach for your home, even when faced with changing climates in Michigan.

AC Repair

Do I Need AC Servicing?

When you find your AC unit performing less than optimally, it can create tension and stress. Common signs of a failing AC system include inadequate cooling, energy bill increases, the need for frequent repairs, and a system over ten years old. Before calling us for services, try these troubleshooting steps:

Check the thermostat

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Confirm that your thermostat has the correct settings and change them as necessary.

Check the outdoor unit

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Trim back plants or remove any debris as necessary. If anything blocks your AC unit, you can lose airflow to your system.

Check the air filter

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Depending on the type of AC unit, filters need replacing every three months. Check the condition of your air filters and replace them if they have become clogged with debris.
AC Common Issues

Other Common Issues with Your AC Unit

When your AC unit stops working entirely, call us immediately. However, you can still make a few quick assessments while waiting for your scheduled service. 

For example, replace the batteries in your thermostat if necessary, and confirm it has the “cooling” mode activated. Also, try resetting your air conditioner’s circuit breaker. For other common issues with your AC unit and the assessments you can make, consider the following: 

Step 1

If your AC unit does not produce cold air, check your attic space and ductwork for disconnected sections if possible.

Step 2

If your AC unit blows warm or hot air, you need a professional to fix the outdoor unit’s compressor. Warm or hot air may also indicate low refrigerant levels in your unit.

Step 3

Water dripping from the unit usually indicates an issue with the condensing coils or evaporator coil. Turn off your AC unit and allow frozen coils to defrost on their own. Our technicians will assess your drain lines and drip pan for any possible clogs.

Step 4

When your air conditioner does not cool the house evenly, you may have leaky ductwork, a blocked vent, or poor insulation. Inspect your vents and clean, open, or remove any obstructions if necessary.

Step 5

Strange noises from your AC unit can indicate numerous issues. Screeching or squealing usually comes from the blower motor as a sign that the bearings need adjustment or the belt has become damaged. Rattling noises typically present an issue with the blower’s motor assembly. Ticking or knocking sounds might indicate an obstruction in the blades of the blower fan.

Keep in mind that problems with your fan can lead to overheating with the system’s compressor. Always turn off your unit to prevent further damage. Then call us for repair or possible replacement.

AC Repair

AC Repair Near Me

Don’t wait for your home cooling issues to worsen; rely on our team at Reliable Heating & Cooling for all your air conditioning repair needs. With locations servicing the greater western Michigan area, you can always expect fast service with multiple available appointment dates.

Call our specialists for repair or maintenance tasks if:

  • Your system produces warm or hot air or does not cool your home efficiently.
  • Your system produces weak airflow or no air at all.
  • Your air conditioner produces loud sounds, such as banging, clanking, screeching, or squealing.
  • You notice a foul smell or musty odor from your vents or blower.
  • You have a fluid leak or moisture coming out of your system.

At Reliable Heating & Cooling, we offer service and maintenance for all air conditioning models and units for any size home or commercial property. If you notice any of the above issues, call 616-649-8079 for five-star air conditioning repair services in the Georgetown, MI, area today.

AC Repair - Reliable Heating & Cooling
Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's Regarding Air Conditioning Repair

Deciding whether to invest in HVAC installation or repair requires careful consideration. Our customers often wonder about AC maintenance or when to install a new unit altogether. In our many years of service, we have received numerous questions from our clients regarding their cooling systems. However, these are the most common.

A common issue with a failing AC unit falls back to your thermostat. When the display shows up blank, it might just need the batteries changed. Restore power to your thermostat by replacing the batteries. If this does not solve the issue, feel free to book an appointment with us right away.

A very important reminder: whether you live in a home or apartment, always replace your air filters. Check them once a month for excess debris and dirt. Clogged air filters remain one of the top issues for problems with AC units.

Our technicians happily assist anyone in need of air conditioning repair services. A typical house visit involves a member of our team coming to your property and assessing your situation. We consider any issues you may have noticed and might perform a voltage check using a multimeter. 

Advanced repair solutions involve checking your unit’s fan motor, system compressor, air handler, ductwork, and more.  

At Reliable Heating & Cooling, we pride ourselves on offering quick, efficient services for your AC repair. Our technicians come well-trained with the latest industry technology and can properly maintain new or older model AC units. When you report an issue, we’ll navigate to the source and can typically resolve any AC issue in a few hours or less.

Book an appointment on our website, and leave details about your issue in the submission form.

The U.S. Department of Energy states that the typical cooling system lasts an average of ten to 15 years, given it receives proper maintenance and care. Every system differs, of course, but if you find yourself paying repair costs that average over 30% of the price for a new system, we recommend considering an upgrade. Telltale signs that your unit has reached the end of its life cycle include the need for frequent repairs or consistently poor performance.

At Reliable Heating & Cooling, our team provides affordable solutions on all new installations. For systems older than ten years, call us for a home inspection of your unit. 

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Why Choose Us

Choose Reliable Heating and Cooling as Your Air Conditioning Service Company

At Reliable Heating and Cooling, we make your home comfort our top priority. Our highly trained technicians use the best products in the HVAC industry.  We also stay informed about industry developments and keep every aspect of our equipment and system up-to-date, ensuring the best possible solutions for all your air conditioning needs.

No matter what size property you have in the Georgetown, MI, area, our full-service team can meet your needs at an affordable price. As a family-owned HVAC company, your health and safety matter to us, and we proudly support our community by staying true to our standards and integrity. We always keep our customers informed and aligned with our procedures to meet your expectations and solidify the trust you deserve.

Reasons to Hire Us

Some of the reasons why customers continue to return to our experts at Reliable Heating & Cooling include:

When your AC unit stops working entirely, call us immediately. However, you can still make a few quick assessments while waiting for your scheduled service. 

For example, replace the batteries in your thermostat if necessary, and confirm it has the “cooling” mode activated. Also, try resetting your air conditioner’s circuit breaker. For other common issues with your AC unit and the assessments you can make, consider the following: 

Reason 1

Reliable Heating & Cooling comes fully licensed and insured in the state of Michigan.

Reason 2

We offer special financing, various utility rebates, and promotional incentives.

Reason 3

We employ career-driven technicians passionate about providing service.

Reason 4

We train staff with EPA certification and equip them with the latest industry tools.

Reason 5

Our team always pursues excellence and continues higher education for further degrees and licensing.

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