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Boilers heat water to generate warmth for homes and businesses. The modern options are highly cost-effective units with AFUE (Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings above 95%. Therefore, it makes sense to consider a replacement when your old boiler has come to the end of its lifespan.

Are you looking to replace or install a new boiler in Georgetown, MI? Turn to the expert team at Reliable Heating and Cooling. We have years of experience as the first-choice boiler installation company in the area.

We simplify the boiler installation and replacement process for all our clients. You can trust us to find the perfect unit for your home, as we can install both gas boilers and electric boilers.

If you’re searching for “boiler installers near me,” call our team today at (616) 649-8079 to schedule a consultation with the leading boiler installation contractors in your local area.

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Boiler Replacement - Reliable Heating & Cooling
Boiler Replacement

Signs You Need To Replace Your Boiler

Many homeowners don’t know when it’s time to replace their boiler systems.

You should consider new boiler installation if:

  • Your boiler still has a pilot light. Such heating systems have an AFUE rating of less than 65%, which is far below what you can get with high-efficiency boilers.
  • Your system is more than 10-15 years old.
  • The boiler doesn’t deliver enough hot water or steam.
  • Your heating bills continue to rise without reason.
  • The system breaks down frequently.

If any of the above describes your boiler, it’s time to discuss new boiler installation or replacement. Replacing an old boiler with a high AFUE unit can cut your heating bill by more than 30%.

Our Processes

Our Boiler Installation and Replacement Process

When you choose Reliable Heating and Cooling as your boiler installation company in Georgetown, MI, you get to work with a highly meticulous team. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring we deliver the perfect boiler system for you.

The installation process starts with deliberations around topics like:

  • The best fuel type for your boiler: Options include natural gas and propane or electric
  • The use cases for your boiler: Will you use it only for heating your home, or will it also serve as a hot water heater?
  • Boiler brand options available to you
  • Possible tax incentives you may qualify for following your new boiler installation
Boiler Replacement - Reliable Heating & Cooling
Boiler Installation - Reliable Heating & Cooling

If you already have gas lines, a boiler system that runs on gas is the obvious choice.

A big part of the conversation will be about the right boiler capacity for your home. If you choose a boiler with the wrong British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating, you’ll have a boiler that’s either too big or too small for your home.

We’ll expertly handle the BTU calculations on our end. However, for education purposes, you should know that you need 50 BTU per square meter in a cold climate like Georgetown, MI. For moderate and hot climates, the numbers drop to 35 BTU and 20 BTU per square foot, respectively.

After the discussions, we’ll provide a free estimate detailing the total cost of the boiler installation and replacement project. When you sign off on the project, we’ll get to work. We complete most boiler installation projects within one to four days, depending on the project’s complexity.

Cost of Boiler Installation

How Much Does Boiler Installation Cost?

The cost of boiler installation will vary per project, but the average cost of a replacement is around $8,000. Factors affecting the final cost include the boiler type and size and the cost of accessories we need for the project. The final estimate you receive will include the cost of removing and disposing of the old unit where available.

Our free estimate will discuss every line item in detail.

One important point to keep in mind when analyzing boiler replacement costs is that high-efficiency models will require a more significant upfront investment; however, they will reduce your heating bills and pay for themselves over time. Request a free estimate to find out what it will cost to replace your unit today.

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When you choose Reliable Heating and Cooling for your boiler installation and replacement, you should expect nothing but the highest quality service. Homeowners in the area choose our team because we offer the following:

  • Comprehensive service: We are experts in boiler installation and replacement, and our technicians can install all popular boiler models.
  • Highly trained technicians: Our experts are some of the most qualified hands in the industry and always keep up with advancements in boiler technology.
  • Long-term Warranties: All products we install have long-term manufacturer warranties for your peace of mind.

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