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As a homeowner in Georgetown, MI, protecting the people you love comes first. Unfortunately, many HVAC systems circulate a plethora of allergens, pollutants, and microbes that can damage your health. That’s why we supply electrostatic air filters to improve your indoor air quality.

As Georgetown’s trusted electrostatic air filter supplier, we provide one of the most modern solutions to bad indoor air quality. Our technology comes from Eco-Healthy Homes, a creator of industry-leading solutions to improve indoor air quality. Once our technicians at Reliable Heating & Cooling install your new electrostatic filter, you’ll notice the difference it makes in your home.

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You’re probably familiar with the typical air filters you can purchase at most retail stores. These filters consist of pleated, cloth-like media framed in cardboard. As your HVAC system pulls air into its ducts, the air filter removes harmful particles by trapping them in its fibers.

However, as a professional electrostatic air filter supplier, we know the average air filter doesn’t always cut it. So we recommend our washable electrostatic air filters. The installation process may require proper electrical wiring, filter placement, and appropriate cabinet sizing to accommodate the new filter.  

Our technicians can install, supply, and repair your new electrostatic filter, ensuring safe air quality for you and your family.  

Electrostatic Air Filters

What Electrostatic Air Filters Do

How does an electrostatic filter work with your HVAC system? As the name suggests, this type of furnace filter is electrostatically charged. Once we install the filter into the return duct, it’ll use electricity to generate a static charge.

When air flow travels through the electrostatic AC filter, the static electricity generates ions. These ions fasten onto any pollutants traveling through the filter. Since the filter itself possesses an opposite charge from the ions, it attracts them after they’ve caught the pollutants.

Thus, it permanently removes pollutants and allergens from the airflow and keeps them trapped within the filter. Collector plates capture the particles, preventing them from reentering your HVAC system.

This process doesn’t just work for dust or dander. It also effectively combats bacteria and viruses. Once the ions strike these types of microbes, the ions deactivate them. 

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Advantages of Electrostatic Air Filters

Our electrostatic furnace filter supply carries numerous benefits for your home and health. We already mentioned how they remove and collect microbes for a permanent filtering solution. You’ll also appreciate the other advantages this state-of-the-art solution can offer.

Besides bacteria and viruses, electrostatic filters also trap various other pollutants. For example, they can remove mold spores, pet dander, plant allergens, and outdoor pollutants that travel indoors. They also remove dust particles from the air, helping you keep your home a little cleaner.

Since you can reuse our filters, you’ll cut down on waste. Less cardboard, cloth, and plastic will end up in a landfill. You also won’t struggle to remember filter replacement every three months.

With a regular air filter, you’ll constantly shell out money to pay for the best MERV rating your home can handle. Since our air filters work permanently, you pay once for installation, making them highly cost-effective.  

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At Reliable Heating & Cooling, we make it our mission to keep our community healthy, comfortable, and safe. That’s why we provide industry-leading products and services to ensure each household enjoys good air quality. We are dedicated to offering reliable services that improve your comfort levels at home.

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