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Emergency Generator Installation

Emergency Generator Installation

Best Emergency Generator Installation Company in Georgetown, MI

Western Michigan has more than its fair share of winter storms. Don’t be caught without power when wind, ice, or a traffic accident disrupts power to your home; enjoy convenient, reliable power year-round with an emergency generator. Before you type “generator installers near me” into your favorite search engine, speak with a generator installation expert at Reliable Heating and Cooling. We install dependable Generac generators in Hudsonville, Georgetown, and the Greater Grand Rapids area.

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Emergency Generator - Reliable Heating & Cooling
Emergency Generator

Why Your Home Should Have an Emergency Generator

Each of our customers has their own reason for their decision to install a standby generator in their home or business. Consider the following when deciding if you want to have access to backup power in an emergency:

  • No need to fumble around looking for flashlights in the dark when the power goes out
  • Keep your appliances running without interruption during an outage.
  • Charge your phones and stay connected to the internet during a power outage.
  • Provide uninterrupted power to home medical equipment.
  • Be able to help your neighbors if they lose power.
Whole House Generators

Advantages of Whole House Generators Over Portable Generators for Home Protection

When the power goes out in your neighborhood, do you see neighbors dragging heavy portable generators out and filling them with gasoline or hooking up liquid propane? Unlike gas-powered generators, a Generac whole-house generator can use your home’s natural gas supply as a fuel source. When the power goes out, an automatic transfer switch directs power to your home from the generator within seconds.

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Home Generators Installation & Maintenance

Professional Home Generator Installation and Maintenance

You can start the process of having your own standby generator by calling Reliable Heating and Cooling. Installation is generally hassle-free, but taking time to plan and discuss the installation beforehand is the best way to ensure that you are happy with your generator and know what to expect when the power goes out.

During the first visit from your Reliable Heating and Cooling generator installation specialist, you’ll discuss many questions that will influence the rest of the home generator installation process.

  • Where is the optimal place to put your generator?
  • Does your home lose power frequently?
  • How much power does your home use in a typical day?

Your installation technician will ensure that there aren’t any problems with your home electrical system or gas lines that would make it unsafe to install a generator. They can help you calculate the cost of running your generator and the cost of regular maintenance and tune-ups. Once the initial appointment is complete, our team at Reliable Heating and Cooling will get the permit for installation and schedule the installation.

The process for installing a Generac model whole-house generator is more convenient than you might imagine. Our home generator installation specialist will come to your home, plan the installation, and provide you with a quote. The installation will typically involve placing the generator on a platform a short distance away from your home. The installation technician will attach the generator to the gas lines and the home’s power supply.

They will test the system by temporarily disconnecting the home from the power grid. You’ll hear the automatic transfer switch kick in, and your generator will supply power to your home.

The cost of a whole-home generator can vary depending on its capacity, labor costs, and the cost of connecting your generator to the gas lines. The average cost of a whole-house generator is about $10,000, although it could be considerably more or less. Ask your installation technician about service and maintenance costs during the initial consultation so that maintenance costs do not come as a surprise.

Your generator will automatically run on a regular schedule for short periods as part of the maintenance process. Additionally your generator will need periodic maintenance from a technician once it is in place. Generac standby generators have status indicator lights that indicate when the generator needs routine maintenance or repair service.

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Generator Installation

Generator Installation Near Me

If you live in Hudsonville, Georgetown, or Grand Rapids, choose Reliable Heating and Cooling as your friendly, trustworthy source for home generator installation and maintenance. We know the local area and the process for getting local permits for generator installation. With years of experience under our belt, you won’t have to worry about delays due to paperwork problems or installation mistakes.

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Our Reliable Heating and Cooling team looks forward to helping you get the dependable whole-house generator you need. Call (616) 649-8079 to book an appointment for home generator installation today. If whole-house generator installation costs will put a dent in your budget, ask us about financing with a Michigan Saves loan.