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Before temperatures hit the single digits, it pays to plan ahead with quality heating maintenance from a top team like Reliable Heating & Cooling. As a northern state, Georgetown, MI, sees winter temperatures regularly dip to 17 degrees. However, these days feel a lot colder due to the surrounding bodies of water and chilly winds of the Great Lake state.

At Reliable Heating & Cooling, we ensure that every furnace, boiler, and radiator component is up to standard. If you want to protect yourself and your loved ones in the cooler season and keep things comfortable, be sure to ask us about our affordable service packages in Michigan.

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Heater Preventive Maintenance
Heater Preventive Maintenance

Why Consider Heater Preventative Maintenance?

When you schedule heating system maintenance for your furnace or boiler, you’re opting for warmer and more efficient air. That means uncompromised airflow year-round, with no blockages or buildup to cause issues with the system. One of the most important checks includes our seasonal filter changes that leave your unit running efficiently for longer.

Air filters trap dust and other air contaminants, allowing these particles to accumulate on the meshy surface rather than within your system. However, without regular filter changes and cleaning, it keeps air from passing through the material. This blockage not only sacrifices indoor air quality but forces the system to work harder to heat your home. 

Clogged filters will also release allergens into the breathing air, contributing to the risk of respiratory illnesses. If this contaminated air travels into your unit, it will also affect the moving parts, slowing them down to cause constant pressure and inevitable mechanical failure. That’s why heating system maintenance is so important—it cuts costly repairs and could significantly extend your system’s lifespan.

Furnace Maintenance

Signs To Schedule Furnace Maintenance in Georgetown, MI

Professional heater maintenance could save you money on utility bills and prevent premature unit replacements. The most common sign is little or no warm airflow. If you feel cool air while standing in front of your radiator or air ducts, despite cranking up the thermostat, you need assistance from a team like Reliable Heating & Cooling.

Other signs to call for urgent heating maintenance include the following:

  • Your unit frequently breaks down or works harder to produce warm air
  • Your utility bills rise suddenly
  • Your furnace continuously bangs, gurgles, or whistles (likely from a failing blower motor or another faulty component)
  • You feel hot and cold spots (like from faulty ductwork in your central heating system)
  • You see water drips from a cracked boiler or a full condensate drain pain under the furnace 
  • You smell mustiness (mold and mildew growth happens around stagnant water)
Furnace Maintenance - Reliable Heating & Cooling
Reliable Heating & Cooling, LLC Team

What can you expect from heater preventative maintenance with our experienced team? The sessions usually begin with our qualified technician checking your concerns and then taking apart your system. 

The team will then clean and lubricate all the parts, including the motor, ensuring a smoother operation to prevent smoke, odors, grinding noises, and more.

The HVAC technicians also tighten and readjust nuts, bolts, and hinges to prevent parts from loosening or banging against other parts. After testing the gas pressure, they also check for a gas leak or cracked heat exchanger that would necessitate a new gas line and exchanger. Finally, we will recalibrate the thermostat and test run the unit over one complete cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s on Maintenance Options for Heating Systems

It is better to leave professional furnace maintenance to the experts. However, a unit might offer a better return on investment if you know more about how it works. Here are some FAQ’s:

Our experts recommend that you schedule furnace maintenance tasks semiannually—once during the fall to prepare for the upcoming cold weather and once in the spring to repair it afterward.

No. It is a great idea to clean or replace your filters every four months, depending on pets, air quality, and household allergies. However, anything beyond that requires professional expertise.

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Can I do anything to boost my heating system’s efficiency?

Aside from a filter change, keeping the area around your furnace clean could help preserve energy efficiency over the peak season. Start by dusting and moving any items out of the way that could block airflow. For safety purposes, it is best to let our licensed professionals handle the maintenance from there.

With years of heating maintenance experience and over 2,000 jobs completed, our five-star team is the leading HVAC company in Georgetown, MI, and surrounding areas—call Reliable Heating & Cooling at 616-649-8079 today!