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HVAC Services in East Grand Rapids, MI

An efficiently functioning HVAC system keeps you comfortable year-round. When something breaks, you risk suffering through extreme temperatures.

Reliable Heating & Cooling is your team of AC installation experts in Georgetown. We provide the best HVAC services in East Grand Rapids, MI, and the surrounding area.

AC Repair Service - Reliable Heating & Cooling
AC Repair

AC Repair in East Grand Rapids

No one wants to suffer through summer without air conditioning. With Reliable Heating & Cooling, you don’t have to. No matter the place, make, or model, our licensed professionals use the most modern techniques and equipment to deliver the best service around.

Call our skilled technicians at 616-201-0978 to schedule repairs and discover comfort again!

Why Are We the Best?

At Reliable Heating & Cooling, we take pride in our reputation. Here’s what makes us the best:

  • We provide exceptional quality: We stay up to date on the latest technologies, tools, and methods. There’s no problem we can’t solve or find the answer to.
  • We believe our work shouldn’t break the bank: We keep our services and products affordable so we can help every person in need.
  • We always communicate transparently: We know the more information you have, the better you can make a decision.

Does My AC Need Repairs?

If your air conditioner isn’t running, take the following steps to help determine the problem:

  • Check the attic and ductwork for disconnected sections.
  • Check for warm air. If your air conditioner doesn’t cool, it needs expert attention
  • If you see water dripping, turn off the unit. You have a frozen piece, and it needs professional help.
  • If your house cools unevenly, you have a blockage somewhere. 
  • Strange noises indicate any number of problems. We’ll give it a close examination to determine the problem.
AC Installation

AC Installation in East Grand Rapids

Do you need to replace or upgrade your air conditioner? At Reliable Heating & Cooling, we can find the perfect system for any business or residence. No other company can compete with our installation services.

Why Choose Us for Installation?

Discover what makes us better than the competition:

  • Superior customer service: We value 100% customer satisfaction and ensure our technicians are always completely professional. We communicate clearly and transparently, so you’re never surprised by the cost or the scope of our work.
  • Incredible expertise: Our experts train regularly to implement today’s most innovative technology and HVAC methods. Every technician has certification through Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • Versatility: We can install a new air conditioner or retrofit an old system. We handle both business and commercial installs and can devise unique solutions to your specific HVAC needs.

AC Installation: The Benefits

What benefits do you get from installing a new air conditioner?

  • Increased energy efficiency: New technology means increased energy efficiency for air conditioners. Between variable fan speeds and programmable thermostats, you’ll save money and the environment. 
  • Affordable freon: Old air conditioners use outdated refrigerants. Newer units use a more accessible and cheaper form of freon.
  • Increased reliability: The older your AC unit, the more frequent its repairs. By installing a new air conditioner, you ensure you save money long term.
AC Installation - Reliable Heating & Cooling
Emergency Boiler Repair - Reliable Heating & Cooling
Boiler Repair

Boiler Repair in East Grand Rapids

In the cold, severe winters of Michigan, a broken boiler is not only uncomfortable but a health risk! With Reliable Heating & Cooling, you don’t need to stay out in the cold for long. 

We offer same-day service for heating systems. If you have a heating emergency, call our experts for prompt HVAC services in East Grand Rapids, MI.

Signs You Need a Repair

If you notice any of the following problems, your furnace needs a repair:

  • Broken thermostat: If the boiler doesn’t respond to the thermostat, check the batteries and connection first. If that doesn’t work, it’s time you replace it!
  • Subpar heat: Check your water levels. If they’re normal, we’ll find something else wrong.
  • Leaking: Leaks eventually lead to a complete boiler replacement. If you notice a leak, call us for urgent repairs.
  • Unusual sounds: Gurgling, whistling, banging, and rumbling all mean there’s a problem somewhere in the boiler. We can diagnose and resolve the problem.
  • Pilot light issues: If the gas line is on and the pilot won’t start, you likely have an issue with the thermocouple. 
  • Cycling: If the boiler turns on and off more frequently than normal, your problem could exist anywhere in the boiler.

How to Avoid Repairs

To avoid frequent repairs, make sure you perform regular preventative maintenance. Keep the boiler room clean and adequately ventilated. Keep a record of its performance, including pressure and water level.

Boiler Installation

Boiler Installation in East Grand Rapids

Boilers are an excellent way to efficiently heat your home or business. Modern boilers have efficiency ratings above 95%. 

At Reliable Heating & Cooling, we make the replacement and installation process simple and stress-free. We work hard to find the best boiler for your needs and install gas and electric boilers.

Are you convinced you need a new boiler? Call us at 616-201-0978 to start the process.

Do I Need to Replace My Boiler?

Watch for these most common signs you need to replace your boiler:

  • If your furnace uses a pilot light. Newer models don’t use one, and your old model is only 65% efficient.
  • If your system is at least ten years old. Most boilers only last ten to 15 years.
  • If it doesn’t heat well. 
  • If your heating bill rises. A new model could save you 30% or more.
  • If you need frequent repairs.

Our Installation Process

What makes us the best provider of HVAC services in East Grand Rapids, MI? Our installation process! Here’s how we do it:

  1. Discussion: We’ll discuss how you intend to use your boiler and the best fuel option. 
  2. Estimate: We’ll give you a free estimate encompassing every part of the replacement or installation process.
  3. Installation: When you sign off on the plan, we start the installation. Depending on the complexity of the project, we complete most jobs in one to four days.
Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pump Repair in East Grand Rapids

Heat pumps are an energy-efficient way to both cool and heat your home. Since they keep you comfortable all year round, you want to keep them working in peak condition.

No matter the issue, we can diagnose and fix the problem. Our skilled technicians are available 24/7 and give prompt and expert service. 

Why Choose Reliable Heating & Cooling for Repairs?

At Reliable Heating & Cooling, here’s how we take care of you:

  • Best customer service: We’re friendly, prompt, and do the job right the first time.
  • Highest expertise: There’s no problem we can’t find a solution for.
  • Complete transparency: We’re upfront and honest about our prices and the required work.

Does My Heat Pump Need Repairs?

Call us for repairs if your heat pump shows any of the following signs:

  • Inconsistent temperature regulation: Your heat pump should heat and cool every room in your house equally. Call a professional if you notice some rooms are hotter or colder than others.
  • Ice build-up: Ice can form on the compressor. Turn it off until it thaws, then call us so it doesn’t happen again.
  • High energy bill: Unexplained spikes in your bill means something broke in your HVAC system. A specialist needs to find and fix the problem.
  • Cycling: When your system turns on and off without regulating the temperature, you might have the wrong-sized unit for your residence. 
heat pump
Heat Pump Replacement

Heat Pump Replacement in East Grand Rapids

Does your heat pump require frequent repairs? Are your energy bills rising despite no change in how frequently you use your heat pump? You may need to replace your heat pump with a newer model.

Reliable Heating & Cooling can help. We offer prompt installation by expert technicians, so you don’t need to suffer extreme temperatures for long.

We’re available 24/7. Call us at 616-201-0978 to start the process today!

Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Replacing

Call a professional if your heat pump has any of these signs:

  • Beyond life expectancy: A well-maintained heat pump can last up to 20 years. If you’ve regularly maintained your heat pump and it’s at least 15 years old, start saving for a new one.
  • Increased energy bill: Has your energy bill skyrocketed despite consistent or decreased heat pump usage? A new unit means more long-term savings. 
  • Unusual behavior: If your unit cycles on and off, makes unusual noises, or frequently freezes, it’s likely nearing the end of its life.
  • Poor performance: Your heat pump should regulate the temperature in every room evenly. If you notice your pump’s performance decreasing, it might be time you replace it.
  • Repeated repairs: Frequent repairs are common toward the end of a unit’s life. When the cost of repairs becomes more expensive than a new unit, consider updating to a newer model.
Why Choose Us

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Whether you need a furnace installation or a heat pump repair, our Reliable Heating & Cooling team can help. Let us prove why we’re the best provider of HVAC services in East Grand Rapids, MI.

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