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When you need help with your home or business’s HVAC system, it’s best to turn to a local company like Reliable Heating and Cooling. We are your best choice for HVAC Services in Wyoming and the surrounding areas for many reasons.

Firstly, we are a local, family-owned company that serves residential and commercial clients. So we understand the importance of keeping your home or business comfortable. Second, our licensed technicians can handle any job, from replacing your furnace to diagnosing an air conditioner problem. We always work with you to create a custom plan that’s right for you. Finally, we have financing options for those without enough cash to pay costs upfront.

We offer a wide variety of services, including:

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AC Repair Service - Reliable Heating & Cooling
AC Repair

AC Repair Services in Wyoming

An AC is a complex machine with many parts that work together to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. When it breaks down, it means that one or more of its components are not working as they should. 

This can cause it to stop cooling or heating effectively, leading to comfort and safety issues. If the problem isn’t fixed quickly, it could result in damage to your home or health problems for you and your family members.

If you want to repair your AC in Wyoming, a few signs suggest it’s time to get the job done. One of the most obvious signs is if your AC unit is no longer cooling as efficiently as it once was. If you can’t keep your house cool, even with the windows open, or if your AC doesn’t seem to perform at all, this could indicate that it’s time for repair.

Other signs you should look out for include:

  • You notice higher-than-normal utility bills
  • High humidity levels in your home
  • Dust or dirt collecting on the exterior walls of your home
  • Mold or mildew smell coming from your vents or ductwork
  • Loud noises

If your AC is not working properly, it’s time to call Reliable Heating and Cooling for repairs. Our team can diagnose the problem and provide you with a quote for the repair. We work with all major brands, so we are confident we can quickly get your AC up and running. Whether it’s a simple fix or a complete overhaul, we’ve got you covered.

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AC Installation

AC Installation Services in Wyoming

Wyoming summers are hot and dry. If you don’t have an air conditioner in your Wyoming home or business, you are missing out on a key component to keeping your energy costs down, as well as keeping your family safe from the heat.

While many homes and businesses have their own HVAC systems, others rely on a central system. Either way, installing an AC unit can be a big money saver for you. Here are some reasons why.

  • You can cool down spaces that are too large for a central unit
  • You will save money on heating costs by installing an AC system rather than using natural gas or other fuel sources
  • You will make your employees more productive by keeping them cool while they work
  • It will keep your family safe from heat-related illnesses like pneumonia and dehydration caused by excessive humidity

If you are looking to get your home or business properly cooled and heated, then Reliable Heating and Cooling has the AC installation services you need. We can help you figure out what kind of system you need and install it.

We know how much work goes into installing an AC, from figuring out what size unit is right for your space to finding the right part and ensuring it fits. We will take care of everything so that when those hot days finally come around, you will have a happy house or office.

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AC Installation - Reliable Heating & Cooling
Emergency Boiler Repair - Reliable Heating & Cooling
Boiler Repair & Installation

Boiler Repair & Installation Services in Wyoming

Your boiler is the heart of your home. It keeps you warm and cozy, heats your water and food, and it’s the first line of defense against the elements when temperatures drop outside. If you notice any of these issues, call the experts at Reliable Heating and Cooling today right away.

  • The boiler is noisy when it’s running
  • Your boiler isn’t heating as well as it used to
  • You have to reset the thermostat frequently
  • The water pressure is low or inconsistent
  • You notice a gas smell or burning smell
  • Water leaking from your boiler

Whether you have a gas or electric boiler, we can help you. We are dedicated to providing you with quality service, including cleaning and repairing your boiler to keep your home warm and cozy during the coldest months.

However, if your boiler is over 10 years old and isn’t performing up to code, it could be time for an upgrade. If you have an older model, it may not be able to meet the demands of today’s homes, which means less efficient heating, more wear on your system, and a lower level of comfort in your home.

With a new boiler, you will reduce the amount of fuel you need to heat your home, which will lead to a lower monthly bill. Furthermore, modern boilers are built with better technology, so they last longer and don’t require as much maintenance as older models. If you need a new boiler, we will work with you to determine what kind of system best suits your needs and budget.

For exceptional boiler repair and installation services, call us.

Water Heater Installation & Repair

Water Heater Installation & Repair Services in Wyoming

A water heater is the best way to ensure that you always have a ready supply of hot water when you need it, no matter how much time has passed since your last shower. With an HVAC system that includes a water heater, you can take as long as you want and not worry about having to wait for the water to heat up again. A water heater can make your life easier in many ways.

  • It can save you money on energy bills
  • It will reduce your carbon footprint
  • You will be able to take hot showers when you want one

At Reliable Heating and Cooling, we install all types of water heaters, from tankless to traditional models. We can help you pick one that suits your budget and meets your needs. Our installation services are the best in town, so you can trust us to do the job right the first time.

And if your system breakdowns during operation, call us for repairs. If you don’t pay attention to how your water heater works, you might end up with a big surprise — a failed unit that has to be replaced. But how do you know that it’s about to fail? Here are some signs that let you know.

  • Your lights flicker when you turn on the hot water
  • Your water is lukewarm or cold
  • There are bubbles in your water
  • You hear a gurgling sound from your heater

When your boiler begins to act up, call us. Our water heater repair services are affordable and reliable. We will come to your home or business and get your water heating system back up to working order so you can enjoy having hot water again.

For help with water heater installation or repair, give us a call at (616) 201-0978.

Water Heater Services - Reliable Heating & Cooling
Furnace Repair - Reliable Heating & Cooling
Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair Services in Wyoming

If you live in Wyoming, you know winter can be a real bummer. You might not be able to go out and enjoy the snow until it’s time to shovel, or you might have to spend a lot of money on heating bills. But don’t worry. We are here to help you stay warm this season while also keeping your wallet in check.

Your furnace is one of your home’s most important heating system components. It keeps you warm in the winter and can even help you save money by reducing your energy bills.

The good news is that furnaces are built to last. But even the best-built furnaces will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. If you notice any of these signs, it might be time to schedule an appointment with a technician from Reliable Heating and Cooling.

  • Your home is always too hot or too cold
  • You can’t set the thermostat because it locks up when you try to turn it down
  • The blower won’t shut off when you turn off your furnace and then back on again later on
  • You smell gas coming from the vents in your home
  • Your house is always damp or musty smell

When you notice these signs, call us right away for immediate assistance. We can handle any problem with your furnace, from a simple clog to a more complex issue. We will get the job done quickly, so you won’t have to spend another chilly night without heat.

If your furnace is acting up, call us.

Furnace Installation

Furnace Installation Services in Wyoming

If you live in Wyoming, the cold can be a little tough to deal with. It’s not just the weather that gets cold. Your home or office can start to feel like a refrigerator in the winter months. Fortunately, there are solutions. Installing a furnace in your Wyoming home or office is one of the best ways to keep warm and cozy during the cold season.

Here are some reasons why we recommend installing a furnace.

  • Increases property value: If you want to sell your home or rent out an apartment, an updated heating system can add value to both of these properties
  • Lower utility bills: A newer furnace will use less energy than an older one, which means lower utility bills 
  • Convenient operation: New furnaces come with features like remote control operation that make it easy to manage your heating from anywhere in the house or office
  • Longer lifespan: New furnaces can last much longer than old ones, which saves you money on repairs and replacements
  • Safety: A well-maintained and properly sized furnace will keep your home safe from carbon monoxide poisoning

At Reliable Heating and Cooling, furnace installation is our specialty. Our team is highly trained and experienced, so we can provide you with quality workmanship and ensure that your furnace installation goes smoothly.

We offer quality products from top manufacturers like Carrier and Bryant, so you know you will be getting the best equipment available. We offer upfront pricing on all our services, so you know exactly what it will cost before we begin work on your system.

If you need a pro to install your furnace, call us now.

Furnace Replacement - Reliable Heating & Cooling
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At Reliable Heating and Cooling, we take pride in the workmanship of our professionals. We stand by the installation, repair, and maintenance services we provide our customers to ensure they are happy with their systems. Our team comprises professional, certified technicians with years of experience servicing all makes and models of equipment. And thanks to our financing options, you can always get the service you need without breaking the bank. 

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