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The average HVAC system saps all moisture out of the air, making the atmosphere dry. This arid environment can irritate your skin and sinuses. In addition, the more your forced air system works to keep your home warm, the dryer the air becomes.

For homeowners who want a change from their old HVAC system, we often recommend our radiant heating installation services. Radiant heat systems come with numerous advantages that traditional heating systems don’t offer. You can ask experienced technicians any questions about the process or how to work your new radiant heating system.

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Radiant Heating Installation and Repair
Radiant Heating Installation & Repair

Leading Services for Radiant Heating Installation and Repair

How do radiant heating systems work? You can choose between a gas or electric radiant heating system; either system can work in a couple of ways.

First, you can choose a radiator system. A network of diverse radiators throughout your home connects to the main boiler. We size each radiator to fit the specific needs of different rooms and install the piping network beneath a special heating mat and concrete slab.

The hydronic radiant heating system radiates heat throughout each room to reach optimal temperature.

We also recommend radiant floor heating. For this system, we install special flooring material that allows heat to rise up through the floor. We lay piping beneath your new flooring that transfers heat underfoot.

Both radiant heat flooring and radiators are excellent options that circumvent a constant flow of dry air. Below, we outline some of the other benefits hydronic radiant floor heating can offer. 

Importance of Radiant Heating

Why Should You Install Radiant Heating?

You know you can avoid the nuisance of dry air throughout the winter, but how else can you and your home benefit from gas or electric radiant floor heat? For starters, it can improve air quality.

A forced air system pushes air throughout your home. During the movement, the air can pick up microbes and other allergens. Air filters can only remove so much debris.

Flooring with radiant heat eliminates the transfer of these particles. This can benefit people with allergies and other respiratory sensitivities. It can also provide a more cost-effective approach to heating your home.

If you worry about the radiant floor heating costs associated with installation, your new system will quickly pay for itself with reduced energy bills. You can also enjoy various other benefits, including:

  • Even heat distribution
  • Noiseless operation
  • Heat produced closer to the ground where you need it
  • Little maintenance 
  • Heated floors
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Radiant Heating

Radiant Heating Installation and Replacement

What does our radiant heating installation process look like? It involves attention to detail with electrical connections and new floor installation. We can install new flooring that can properly accommodate your new heating system.

We can also add the necessary piping and tubing that allows the heat to travel across the floor. Once we’ve finished the flooring, you and your family can enjoy warm feet in the winter without the harsh, constant blow of arid air.

But what if you need services for your current radiant heating system? At Reliable Heating & Cooling, we’ve got you covered there too. 


Radiant Heating Repair

How can you tell when your radiant heating needs professional repairs? You might notice one or more of the following problems:

Pipe leaks

Electrical systems

Cold spots on the floor

Failing aquastats

Low boiler temperature

Unexplained floor damage

Generally, radiant heating systems don’t need a lot of repairs. However, an occasional part may wear out. If unreliable contractors install your system, you might run into issues later on. Either way, you can call us to find the source of the problem and the solution. 


Radiant Heating Maintenance

Just like with repairs, most radiant heating floors don’t need a lot of maintenance. However, allowing us to occasionally check up on your system prevents future issues and improves longevity. We can check on certain things like:

The color of the water

System pressure

Removal of air bubbles

Boiler performance

These things can indicate issues arising within the system. If we find any of these elements not up to par, we’ll prepare for prompt repairs. At Reliable Heating & Cooling, we’re equipped to diagnose and remedy any issues that arise with modern heating systems. 

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