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Are you ready to take your home or business’s indoor air quality to the next level? We recommend our UVC/UVV light installation services. UVC/UVV lights provide numerous benefits for commercial and residential buildings.

They offer the perfect way to keep occupants healthy and breathing easily. At Reliable Heating & Cooling, LLC, we even recommend our ECO Healthy Homes UVC/UVV systems to people who don’t struggle with respiratory symptoms. You’ll quickly notice the difference that cleaner air makes.

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UV Light Installation - Reliable Heating & Cooling
UVC/UVV Light Installation

First-Rate UVC/UVV Light Installation Services

Ultraviolet (UVC/UVV) lights operate at a higher frequency than violet light. Violet light has the highest frequency of all light colors, so people can’t see UVC/UVV light.

When we use UVC/UVV light in HVAC, we install UV-C lights to eliminate germs. Multiple industries use UV-C light to clean food, water, and surfaces. So we harness UVC/UVV power to clean the air you breathe. 

Once we have the light installed, it improves your indoor air quality by eliminating harmful microbes and allergens. It also interferes with the DNA of multiple harmful organisms. In addition, a germicidal UVC/UVV light can improve the health of your respiratory system, which increases your quality of life in many other ways. 

UVC/UVV Light Installation

How We Install UVC/UVV Lights

During the UVC/UVV light installation process, we place the UVC/UVV germicidal lamps directly into your HVAC return ducts. These UVC/UVV air purifiers cleanse the air before it flows into the building. We can also install it inside the air handler to keep your evaporator coils clean.

Your HVAC system contains several dark areas, like your air ducts. Air ducts gather dust and moisture, which attracts mold growth in your HVAC unit. While air filters can help remove some of these particles, they can’t remove them all.

Even filters with high MERV ratings will miss some of the microbes that become trapped in your air ducts. UV-C light air purifiers combat those microbes from flourishing and spreading. Thus, you’re no longer exposed to the various invisible dangers lurking inside your HVAC system. 

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UVC/UVV Lights

Why Install UVC/UVV Lights in Your Home

Our UVC/UVV light systems come with numerous benefits. We often recommend UVC/UVV light installation to anyone struggling with allergies or respiratory conditions. Even if you’ve never received a diagnosis for a condition, you could benefit from putting UVC/UVV lights in your HVAC system if you experience the following:

Reason 1

Waking up coughing

Reason 2

Better breathing when the HVAC system runs less

Reason 3

Difficulty sleeping

Reason 4

Dry or irritated nasal passages

Reason 5


You might experience any of these symptoms as a result of subpar indoor air quality. While many people usually ignore these symptoms, they put themselves and their families at greater risk for developing respiratory illnesses over time. We even recommend our Eco-Healthy Homes UVC/UVV systems to people who don’t struggle with respiratory symptoms. UVC/UVV lights have antiviral and antibacterial properties that eliminate germs, protecting you and your family from circulating illnesses.  

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